Why choose me to be your Italian translator or interpreter?

A master

in my field…

With a BA in Interpreting and Communication and an MA in Interpreting and Translation Studies, you will be entrusting your projects with a highly qualified individual who knows the ins and outs of her fields. I also hold a Certificate of Internationalization and Localization from the University of Washington.

Since 2018…

I have provided interpreting and translation to a number of medical, legal, business, and educational companies, organisations, associations, and governmental agencies around the globe.

But, as you know, translation isn’t just about textbook knowledge. You also need extensive knowledge of the cultures you translate from and/or into — and that I have.

Italy is my birthplace,

but Australia is my home…

Besides residing in Melbourne, Australia for many years, I’ve also spent two months in Kalgoorlie, Australia, and two months in Madrid, Spain.

You are guaranteed…

Make me your first choice for Italian translating and interpreting and expect a satisfying service every time we work together.


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