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Conference Interpreting

From government social services to courts to hospitals, I can assist you with face-to-face interpreting to ensure you and the speaker understand each other perfectly. Drawing from my background working as an interpreter in hospitals, I can assist in fields such as physiotherapy, cardiology, gynecology, and allied health.

Need an Italian interpreter for your business meetings or large-scale conferences instead?

I also interpret for business meetings and negotiations, large-scale conferences and workshops both remotely and in person. Besides my MA in Interpreting and Translation, I’ve also lived long-term in Italy and Australia, gaining a crucial understanding of how business in these countries work.

Translation specialisations


Connect with your audience using language that appeals to their inner explorer.

Inflight entertainment materials
Tourist guides and itineraries
Touristic attraction websites and brochures

Medicine and Life Science

Ensure patients understand every tiny detail to avoid unpleasant consequences that would dent your credibility.

Package leaflets
Clinical trials
Academic articles
Product descriptions
Scientific articles
Informed consent forms and patient information forms
Research studies


Provide your clients with the information they need, in language they will fully understand.

Immigration supporting documents
Corporate and litigation documents


Beautify your products with compelling materials. Give consumers a reason to snatch them up — with language that speaks to them and draws them in.


Apps and Websites

Bring your app or website to a new market and guarantee its success with language that contains all the nuances that make it easy on the ear and attractive to clients.

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