Italian Interpreting

Do you need an Italian conference interpreter or community interpreter for your next event?

Communication is imperative in all walks of life, but particularly in the fields of law, medicine, education and business, things can quickly get ugly if clear communication is compromised.

I can join you for hospital appointments, business meetings and negotiations, large-scale conferences, and workshops — either remotely or in person — and make sure you and the recipient understand each other without any difficulty.

As a native Italian speaker with two degrees in Interpreting and a local-like understanding of the Australian culture and business etiquette due to three years residency here, I approach every project with professionalism, expertise, and confidentiality.


English, Spanish, Italian

Interested in marketing your products or services to the Australian,Italian or Spanish market?

Communicating with your target clients is a zillion times easier with a qualified native-Italian translator here to help you.

Everything from your tourist guides to academic articles, contracts to employee handbooks, cosmetic packaging to your website can be fully translated by me.

I will convey your message in the same tone and with the same purpose as the original, so it stays true to its intent and doesn’t lose its shine.

Internationalisation and Localisation

Is it your mission to bring your product or website to the Italian market?

With a Certificate of Internationalization and Localization from the University of Washington along with a Certificate of Localization at Google by Udacity, you can count on me to develop, translate, adapt, and promote products to international markets.

My globalisation team will go the extra mile to ensure your customers receive product information in their own language that sounds natural and personalised to them.


NAATI official translations are recognized by Consulates, Embassies, Government Bodies, Department of Immigration and Border Protection and DFAT.

All translations will bear NAATI stamp, signature and certification to meet the requirements of agencies and authorities.

Types of content I regularly translate:

Marriage, birth and death certificates

Degree certificates and academic transcripts

Citizenship/naturalisation documents

Official letters

Tax and benefits communications

Police clearance and criminal records

Other personal documents

Other services


Showcase your materials to an Australian or Italian audience.

Documentaries, TV shows, TED talks, and TV stations — I’ll employ language that’s faithful to the original but with a slight twist that appeals to your target audience, whether that be Italians, Spaniards or Australians.


A second pair of (sharp) eyes can be the difference between a sloppy text and a superb text.

Let me be your second pair of eyes to check for spelling, typing and grammatical mistakes and formatting inconsistencies. I will polish it up so that it is ready for use.


You have a completed text, but somehow it doesn’t feel quite complete.

Sound familiar?

Allow me to edit your text, removing mistakes and inconsistencies, improving readability, and rephrasing any content that doesn’t meet the audience’s expectations.

Good editing can turn an “okay” text into an outstanding text.


Speed up turnaround times with machine translation.

While this service is not recommended for specialised texts or marketing texts, it can be convenient if your goal is just to understand the basic meaning of a text.